Cookie’s Kid is a solo dance theater work that seeks to explore what is inherited muscle memory.  The first solo work by Rosie Herrera, it utilizes her unique and diverse performance background ranging from cabaret, classical music, and urban and contemporary dance as a way to explore and dissect the oppression of toughness. Utilizing iconography ranging from La Lupe, Charles Bronson, and Walter Mercardo as the framework to explore movement, Cookie's Kid is an exploration on how these seemingly unrelated idols are connected within a theme of rebellion, strength, vulnerability and the ethereal.

Estimated run time: 45- mins

Commissioned by Miami Light Project, Dance Place and the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, 2015.

This project made possible in part by support from the National Performance Network (NPN) Performance Residency Program For more information:

"Cookie’s Kid, the first solo piece by the always intriguing Rosie Herrera, has many of the same ingredients as her group works: the lusciously beautiful images; the pop iconography; the disorienting swings from self-conscious camp to desperation…. Herrera seemed to have made a psychological excavation of her own body - intense, interior, opaque.”
- The Miami Herald