Dining Alone is an exploration into the deconstruction of empathetic instincts assigned to age, fragility, youth, and isolation. Addressing the inherent drama and comedy attached to food, Dining Alone invites you into the bittersweet and private moments that are amplified by the experience of dining.

Estimated runtime: 45-50 minutes

Commissioned by The American Dance Festival with help from the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts 2011

“The episodes here—with their obsessive and entrancing moves—turn hunger and satiety into metaphors: the mouth as porthole to the soul. As usual, Herrera juggles the wry (a female trio writhes at a table, getting pies in the face as Snow White warbles about her prince) and the wrenching (a woman follows a lonely path of plates laid out underfoot). To her banquet, Herrera invites both rascals and angel.” – Dance Magazine