“I’m taking a chance because she doesn’t just show talent, but really developed talent, the sophistication to be able to make you laugh and cry in the same breath. So here we go I’m crossing my fingers. If I was a gambler- which I am in my world- I’d put my money on Rosie.”
Charles Reinhart quoted by the Miami Herald 2010

“Rosie Herrera is a bit of a magician. She transports us into surreal, ridiculous, and unexpected places and jolts us with little surprises before we even have time to guess what’s coming next. She twists our emotions, our expectations, and our associations. With a skillful sleight-of-hand, she can turn the seemingly benign piñata—parties! candy!—into a darkly symbolic object, carrying disappointment, disillusionment, and violence. Or perhaps she just exposes what is already there, in the image, in us.”

”...an astonishing dance-theater work that gracefully brought together both spectacle and intimate gesture.”
World Dance Reviews

“Herrera, whether through intuition or calculation, has found just the right touch, just the right balance between campy and poignant, over-the-top and subtle.”
World Dance Reviews

“..known for her dramatic flair and her ability to infuse her choreography with a heady mix of wackiness, sadness, and beauty, complete with impeccable comic timing.”
World Dance Reviews

“Herrera is a master of contrast, using it to create humor and to expose the layered meaning of a moment.”
World Dance Reviews

“… blew our collective mind with her previous works that premiered here, Pity Party and Dining Alone, both of which were intensely colorful, completely surreal and utterly captivating.
Classical Voice of North Carolina

“One of the strongest and most original talents to emerge from Miami.”
The Miami Herald

“She mixes up different mediums in unexpected and quirky ways that set her apart. She is a woman of ideas who draws from cultures, experiences and training not necessarily commonly represented in New York.”
Mikhail Baryshnikov

“The woman who made Pity Party and Dining Alone is not a force that can be contained…”
Classical Voice of North Carolina

“For the past several months, I have repeatedly lamented the dearth of inventive and compelling dance – preferably without an intense display of nudity. I am pleased to announce that I have found a piece of dance theater worthy of my comprehensive recommendation: Rosie Herrera’s Dining Alone.”

“But I left the theater feeling newly rejuvenated about the state of dance in performance – and this was a dance theater piece, no less! Ms Herrera has a firm handle on just how much “dance” needs to be included, it appears, and I will continue to trust her judgment.”

“...the Pina Bausch of South Beach.”
NY Times

“Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre was an eccentric little gem in the middle of the desperation, frustration and repeats that often become the reality of the APAP conference.”

“It is my hope that Ms Herrera and her vivacious cast felt welcomed by the city. Their presence was a breath of tropical air amongst the sometimes-suppressive black and gray seriousness of New York City’s modern dance.”

“...earthy, poetic, beyond-dada imagination…”
Deborah Jowitt for artsjournal.com

“In a piece about appetites of all kinds, Herrera reveals a hunger that never abates -one that craves acceptance and love, but on its own off-kilter terms.”

“I look forward to seeing Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre again. A company that is so innovative, searing and disturbing bears repeated viewings.”

“Herrera has undeniable choreographic competence coupled with a biting, sophisticated, and irreverent sense of humor that alone is sufficient reason to see her company.”
Jerry Hochman, criticaldance.org